Ergon Luxe is the brain child of a group of 4 people from different walks of life.

Their motive behind this idea was to introduce European brands to the Indian market.

Aadesh Runwal

Business Strategist

Akshay Adhalrao


Pritesh Modi

Furniture Consultant

Rushab Sakla


The Ergon Luxe team are the pioneers of luxury mono brand showrooms in the country

The Philosophy Behind Our Store

Ergon Luxe was created focused around the concept of getting luxury brands to the Indian market for the ever growing luxury segment.

Ergonluxe for Brands

Ergon luxe is seeking to help Eurpoean companies to strategize their business plans and venture into the Indian market

Ergonluxe for Architects

We hope to provide the architect and the client an easy solution for their purchase of furniture and accessories.

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