Kudos to Designer Gayatri Gunjal for utilizing our Andreu World chairs (Rhonda & Wok) so well for her Award winning Project.

We thank Ms.Gunjal for giving us the opportunity to collaborate and assist her on this project.

ITF is a digital type foundry based in Ahmedabad, designing and distributing fine quality typefaces (fonts) for Indian and non-Indian scripts.

Indian Type Foundry is a type-face design firm that wanted to extend their office space and thus they commissioned the YellowSub Studio to create an inspiring and highly functional space located in Ahmedabad, India.

The company is one of the first to design Indian language fonts for clients like Google, Apple or Sony and the office was designed to be highly open with a rich color palette and a lot of collaborative spaces. The predominant tone through the workspace is teal to create a soothing ambiance while also bringing a contrasting element to the wooden textures and to the white walls.



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