Ergon Luxe

“Bring home the European excellence”

Ergon Luxe is a trusted name in the field of contemporary and ergonomic furniture solutions for homes, offices and hospitality spaces. We are ambassadors for some of the oldest and finest European furniture brands and endeavour to bring the concept of ‘European Excellence’ to the Indian market.

We are a diligent group of people, passionate about catering sincere and comprehensive solutions to our clients. Hence, we adhere to a structured approach for the execution of our projects and ensure that every detail is carried out in a swift and flawless manner, in order to create stunning and spectacular spaces.

We are a Speciality Seating Solution company that can provide complete seating solutions for all kinds of spaces. To be able to provide unmatched quality products to our clients, we have collaborated with some of the most established European furniture brands, who hold an experience of more than 50 years of manufacturing premium furniture elements that have been globally acclaimed for their finish, quality and designs.

With Ergon Luxe, you can own some of the finest designs in furniture, created by some of the top-notch designers in the world, who with their expertise create concepts that are beyond the ordinary in terms of functionality and durability.

We aid our clients through the entire process of creating designer spaces. It all begins with a prompt response to an enquiry, followed by personally getting in touch with the client, visiting the site, working out viable suggestions and solutions, executing the requirements of the project and finally taking care of the after sales that includes guarantee of the products. Hence, at Ergon Luxe, we carry out turnkey solutions that help us engage our clients in a truly satisfying experience.

We like to play with various concepts of designing, while keeping in pace with the latest trends and needs of the clients. Hence, we house a variety of furniture products that encompass rich and vibrant colours, varied textures and excellent finish, modern day styles and designs and surpassing quality. This helps us execute any and every project with ease and perfection. Be it a corporate, residential or a hospitality space, we provide a broad spectrum of product ranges to choose from, making us the most trusted and desired design partner for our valued clients.