Haoshi in Chinese signifies “Good Thing”. The company established in 2009 intends to fraternize with conceptualizing “Purity” and “Peace” as a core part of their design.

This home and decor brand adds unique life philosophy to it’s essentials and every product created is in the form of life observance, as Haoshi follows the notion “Let the simple and exquisite detail give you a peace of mind, let good things happen”.

Haoshi’s collection ranges from home decor like clocks, lightings, paperweights, candles, etc. and every product generated presents a different storyline – a way of living. These are then moulded into luxury decor items to represent natural behavior as simple and exquisite.

All of these are created by the master himself at Haoshi, who’s saying goes as “The world is simple as long as our mind is simple”.

Having an enormous collection, Haoshi has built the foundation that lies as strong as before and it’s presence has now spread over to other countries like US, UK, China, and India amongst others.

With this product-line, Haoshi obliges to attain cognizance of the value of life and elements to inspire and create a home and life filled with love.