Culti Milano is a house of ecstatic scents, that has emerged out of the ingenious mind of Alessandro Agrati, who perceived that adding a personal scent to a space is as much essential as the other elements of decor.

In 1988, this intuition of his, paved the way for a vision, which was then ensued into a personal research that eventually initiated Culti Milano.

With it’s captivating collection of scents, Culti seeks to create ‘The culture of ambience’ and thus establish a link between the world of design and the world of senses, in order to magnify the very feel of a space.

Culti thrives on the ideology, that scents are as personal to an individual as one’s personality. And hence, at Culti, one gets an opportunity to choose one’s own scent, the fragrance that follows them in their homes and office spaces, thus making it an individual’s signature scent.

Inspired by the bounties of nature, each scent is meticulously designed in the Olfactory laboratory and then diffused in the Rattan Stick Diffuser – a unique invention by Culti in 1990.

The collection embraces a varied range of products like diffusers, spray bottles, candles as well as personal care products. Culti showcases it’s prestigious products across 7 flagship stores in Italy and a wide network of resellers in a number of countries from Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and so on.