The legendary history of Rotaliana began since 1989, located in Italy and infused with tradition, beauty, and mystery. The company pursues the coming together of nature and human, thereby attaining a balance of light and shade while creating it’s masterpieces.

Stefano Wegher- Managing Director, Rotaliana, considered innovation in technology and design as the fundamental part, representing Rotaliana as the company to invest in design, quality and innovation and this, has by far shaped the mission of the company and provided a different volume to technical products.

Rotaliana creates visionary lighting solutions by interacting with experts having different forte, eg. architects, designers and artists belonging to various geographical origins such as Italy, Japan, Korea and Sweden. Hence, international designers like Dante Donegani, Giovanni Lauda, Paolo Dell’Elce, Andrea Branzi, and a few others to contribute their piece of art to create stunning pieces that blend technology, culture, modernism and durability.

The appealing Rotaliana collection gives your home an alluring glow and the magic of light to enchant your bright life. The collection varies from lighting solutions for the ceiling, walls, suspension, table, floor, etc. with an immense gamut of texture that gives solutions to everyday living.

With 30 years into the sector, Rotaliana is now a part of the Mezzalira Investment Group (MIG), the group established and led by the entrepreneur Gianmaria Mezzalira who is now able to meet the market needs targeting contracts, home, and office sectors.