Jose Maria Reina, a self-taught designer, believes that the aesthetic value of a product instills beauty into an otherwise everyday thing. The talented designer establishes his products as innovative and mystical through the process of it’s formation and usage of natural materials. Hence, Nomon is not just about clocks but about a culture of beauty and serenity in it’s timepieces.

With his passion, he combines both furniture and clock and fabricates handcrafted art pieces as indoor wall clocks.

Nomon essentially marks its products with three dominant principles namely creativity, design and technology. This implies that the essence of both art and design has been entirely prudent.

Nomon works with ace designers like Andres Martinez, one with an expertise in lifestyle designing and born in the family business of jewelery and Stefano Bigi, one who specializes in furniture design.

The collection offers wall clocks, table clocks, pendulums and ceiling clocks for home, kitchen, office, and commercial spaces. These collections have further been explored in different cut works as Nomon collaborates with brands like Poliform, Varenna, Roche Bobois Paris and Ligne Roset, to name a few for their projects into home, kitchen, office and contract spaces.

Natural materials have been used along with innovative techniques and handcrafted projects to combine the passion for jewelery and furniture design, where elegance, style, and sophistication together turns into complementary furniture.

Nomon takes the privilege of using noble material to represent truth and honesty in its product line. Additionally, they use their material in the pure state, using wooden and marble textures to finish the look and feel of the clock. At Nomon, every clock has its own story to tell.

It’s marvelous collection curated with handcrafted specialized craftsmen, makes it a leading brand name for indoor-clocks. This stays established with Nomon’s presence in over 60 countries globally.