The 17-year-old Francisco Andreu Marti’s passion, to transform his small family woodworking workshop into a company for manufacturing comprehensive wooden furniture products, led to the inception of Andreu World.

Today, Andreu World caters most innovative designs with wood, that is obtained from FSC certified forests, being the nexus of their designs. Reigning over a legacy of 60 years in the Lifestyle Interior Industry, Andreu World fabricates furniture pieces that are considered to be elements of priced possession coming from well-known Spanish furniture industry. The mainstay at Andreu World lies in attention to detail and designs that are curated with research, technology, innovation and finesse, which now also forms the fundamental belief at Andreu World.

With a one-stop-shop, Andreu World offers integrity and sincerity through their products with Ace designers like Joseph Llusca, Alberto Lievore, Lievore Altherr Molina, Jorge Pensi, Nancy Robbins, Pedro Miralles, Quod, Bernal and Isern, and a few other prominent figures that have won accolades as “The best designer awards of the year” for their noble collection. With it’s comprehensive and futuristic designs that include indoor, outdoor as well as lounge collections, Andreu World has beautified many prominent spaces across the globe. Some of these include The Kalida Sant Pau Foundation at Barcelona, National Library of Qatar, Adler University at Vancouver, Headquarters of the Royal Dutch Dental Association in Utretch, Blue Wave Bar (design awarded) at Barcelona and also The German Gymnasium restaurant at London, which is the winner of ‘World’s Best Interior Design Restaurant’.

While recently receiving the “Red Dot Product Award” and the “Best of NeoCon Award” for their design and innovation, Andreu World undoubtedly aces the global furniture industry. Being time-honoured, the firm has been recognized with GSA certification from The United States that permits them to sell furniture to top officials, public and government institutions.

Andreu World has now expanded its outlets to showcase its work & explore new opportunities in other countries like The United States and Asian and European countries among others.

Today at the dynamic space, Andreu World has grown at a phenomenal scope with the recognition of being a top Spanish manufacturer in the world.