Quinti pioneers the sector of designer chairs, furniture and accessories by proposing contemporary elements of furniture, that epitomize sublimity and integrity.

Quinti was set off back in 1975 as an iron and sheet metal processing company and provided design and operational support to various home furnishing brands. The expertise gained over the years was eventually put to use and thus Quinti, the brand, was kick started.

Quinti benefits from it’s matchless craftsmanship and standard quality that provides durability, sustainability and functionality to it’s products.

The diverse range of segments include chairs, tables, sofas, complimentary furniture as well as accessories. Quinti interacts with ace designers and architects from across the globe to churn out excellence that resembles various walks of life. Marcelo Alegre, Andres Baldovi, Marco Cocco, Paolo Orlandi, Andrea and Folco are some of the leading designers associated with Quinti.

Originating in Tuscany, Italy, Quinti products epitomize art and culture of the place, along with a constant observance for the global standards.

The bevy of Quinti proposals include Sugar Collection, Amelie Collection, Hyway Collection and Deep Collection that offers a huge variety of furniture for office, contract, hospitality, community and home spaces. It has recently added catalogues like Quinti @ Orgatec in 2018 and Quinti Sistemi in 2019 that offers furniture with bold colours and modern designs for contemporary workspaces.

The company’s exemplary designs and weightage to detailing has aided in obtaining the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications as well.