Jesse comes with an exceptionally magnificent collection, with a hint of pure luxury and detailed design to produce all kinds of furniture.

With fully functional headquarters, factory and showroom located in Italy and 100% products made in Italy, the company also derives many inspirational ideas through other major cities from Europe and America.

Jesse ensures elegance and modernity to its design, with a twist of sustainability, as the principle to lay a foundation.

The journey began in the early 20th century. Back then Jesse inaugurated with furnishing for schools primarily, then moving on they established themselves in the 1950’s and manufactured Italian home furniture, which further went on to grow as an advantage of expanding the European market.

The strength and passion behind this brand has made Jesse a global leader in the furniture industry, with a presence in over 80 countries worldwide.

With a versatile and spectacular multitude ranging from tables, chairs, sideboards, sofas, wardrobes, etc., the Jesse collection is tremendously being appreciated all over the world. The wide variety of products represents kindness, charm, and creativity of the brand.

Jesse has collaborated with many ace designers like Marelli and Molteni, Mario Mazzer, Sergio Brioschi and Chiaramonte Marin to name a few, to create unparalleled furniture pieces to engage consumers with the beauty of art.

Today, Jesse aims at creating solutions that would fit the style of consumers, as they believe to treat their employees and consumers with utmost importance.